With a subtropical Mediterranean climate, Cyprus has 300 to 340 sunny days per year.
Most of them awarded with a Blue flag.
Cyprus is ranked in the 5th place of the safest countries in the world.


Cyprus is a country island situated in the Eastern Mediterranean area and it is the third largest island of the area. The sunny skies and the awarded renowned beaches, makes it a popular vacation and business destination of the Mediterranean. It is divided in 6 districts: Nicosia, Limassol, Paphos, Larnaca, Famagusta and Kyrenia. Nicosia is the capital of the island.

The climate of Cyprus is characterized as subtropical Mediterranean with mild winters and warm summers.  During winter, snow occurs in Troodos Mountains which is in the central part of the island and rain happens mainly in winter.

The official language of Cyprus is Greek, but English is spoken by almost everyone. All the communication in Cyprus is being presented mainly in both languages. In addition, a great percentage speaks Russian, after Greek and English since a high percentage of Russians are ex pats in Cyprus.

Moreover, the education system is highly advanced offering public and private education that equips students to continue their studies in reputable universities all over the world.  The highly educated population as well as the safe working environment and living, makes Cyprus the perfect place to live. The island is characterized by multilingualism and from a great propensity of acquiring as a minimum on graduate degree.   The literacy rate is very high and the post graduate studies are increasing rapidly.

The currency of Cyprus is Euro since it is a full member of the European Community from the 1st of May 2004 and a member of the Eurozone from 1st of January 2008. The island country operates in an open and market driven economy, where foreign investors are allowed to own property under favorable conditions that are regulated from the Republic of Cyprus.  In addition, private investors can obtain Permanent Residency that allows their family members to benefit and is transferable to the next generations.

Hence, Cyprus Economy has a diversified power through drawing resources from various activities that mainly follow under the sector of services. A high percentage of Cyprus GDP results from tourist services, financial services and the shipping industry. The Republic of Cyprus as well as private organizations, are concentrating on developing all these sectors by promoting a low tax scheme that promotes Cyprus to an EU tax heaven country.

Cyprus is characterized by a high per capita income and an excellent infrastructure. It is renowned as a European Union centre for foreign investments, offshore businesses and activities.

The constitution of Cyprus is a presidencial republic where the head of state, the president as well as the government are elected by a process of a general voting for the continuation of five consecutive years.

Furthermore, Cyprus has an excellent transportation structure and infrastructure that supports all the business activities that are taking place on the island. It has a series of highways that interconnect all districts, two international airports in Larnaca and Paphos, two main harbors in Limassol and Larnaca that service cargo, cruise ships and travelers as well as several heliports.

Additionally, Cyprus is a country with one of the lowest crime rates in the world. It is the ideal place for finding the right balance between work and relaxation. Cypriot people are well mannered and are characterized for their hospitality.





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